Enhancing communication to advance research and practice is among PCORI’s key priorities

New from the Health Affairs blog:

The Health Affairs Blog post by David Introcaso, PhD, “PCORI’s Problem: Reasons Are Not Causes,” emphasizes the critical importance of the patient-provider relationship and communication in improving health outcomes. It also notes the challenges to changing practice through the creation and dissemination of new evidence, including the non-linear nature of the process of turning knowledge into action. But it argues that PCORI has missed the boat on these issues, specifically having failed to address them either in the $30 million in Pilot Project awards we issued earlier this year or in our current research priorities and funding announcements.

We genuinely appreciate the serious thought Dr. Introcaso has given to these matters and fully agree with him on their importance if we are to change practice and improve patient outcomes. And that’s why both our work to date and the work we continue to pursue focuses directly on these questions in a number of concrete ways – a point he seems somehow to have missed.

The significance we at PCORI place on communication between patients and those who care for them is evident throughout our work: in our foundational research roadmap; in our initial round of research support (the Pilot Projects Program); and in the scope and detail of our primary research funding announcements’ requirements.

Read the complete post here.

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