Crowdsourcing Better Eating?

A new app hit the market to help consumers make “healthy and delicious choices” by way of a “scientific-based social network,” Mashable reports.

Foodsmart screenshot
Foodsmart screenshot courtesy iTunes Store

The app in question, Foodsmart – free in iTunes – is developed by wHealthy Solutions is billed as Yelp for groceries. There’s a ranking system that tells users how where a food item (rice cakes, in the Mashable review) falls in terms of comparable healthiness. Said rice cakes were 70% healthier than other products included in the app. This is interesting since, as more users put content into the app, these rankings will become more meaningful simply by comparing  a larger dataset.

Given that I have an Android (the app on that platform has just been released), I’ve yet to test the app, but I’ll admit I have my reservations about whether this can lead to healthier eating choices. Until there’s a decent amount of customization possible in the app, what can be healthy for one person may be detrimental to another. And what does ranking whether you like a food or not have to do with how healthy it is? I love bacon, but that doesn’t mean that ranking it highly on my weekly grocery list would make it a heart-conscious dietary decision on my part.

Tech-savvy blog readers – have you used the app? There are sadly few comments on the Mashable story, and it is so new in iTunes and the Google Play store that there aren’t reviews, so it is difficult to gauge reaction. Send us your reviews instead! Love it? Skeptical? We’d love to know!

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