Voter Registration Deadline is Looming!

Unless you’ve managed to completely unplug, it has been hard to miss the slew of election coverage in every single news media outlet. We’re privy to the public stumping (not to mention the public slip-ups), but have you made sure to register to vote so that your voice can be heard in this round of elections?

The deadline to register to vote in Michigan is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9th. 

Images courtesy of League of Women Voters of California © 2010 & 2011 CC BY 2.0

There will be a mobile branch of the Secretary of State, where you can register to vote, tomorrow, Friday September 28thfrom 10 am to 4 pm stationed in front of the Michigan League. You can also register in person at Ann Arbor’s City Hall,  Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, just find the office of the Ann Arbor City Clerk, Second Floor, Ann Arbor City Hall, 301 East Huron Street, 734-994-2725.

If you’re from further afield and need to find out about absentee voting, you can check out the US Election Assistance Commission website, where you can download the voter registration form or just utilize its bevy of resources. There is even a page to help out those who have recently moved (such as myself) and aren’t sure what the new voting options are for them. You can find your state/county registrar to contact, should you have any additional questions, here.

It’s heartening to see posts such as this one from Thought Catalog – a compilation of registration deadlines and voting instructions for every single state. You have to appreciate the sheer effort that went into a post like that.

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