Largest survey of its kind to look at eating & body image

The University of Michigan is poised to undertake one of the largest studies on student eating behaviors…ever!

From October 2 through October 24, a random sample of students from across campus – both undergraduate and graduates – will have the opportunity to participate in U-SHAPE (University Study of Habits, Attitudes, and Perceptions about Eating).

U-SHAPE is going to be the largest study of its kind, and will study (as its name implies) students’ habits and perceptions as related to eating and body image. Led by emergency medicine resident Suzanne Dooley-Hash, the study is conducted in collaboration with the Center for Eating Disorders and will spread to Michigan State University after the Ann Arbor data collection is complete.

Read more about U-SHAPE in Michigan Daily’s coverage.

And one more plea to current students (if you’re still reading this far down, kudos) – I know that you’re probably survey-d out at this point in the semester, but if you happen to be among the randomly sampled, take the time. It’s for science.

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