U of M Research Funding Reaches New High

We all know that the University of Michigan is a rare sort of institution – there are few other places where this number of disciplines draws this many people into such a concentrated area – to often groundbreaking results. While we all know that, at least for me, seeing those results quantified is a bit of a rarity. This week, however, the University Record published last fiscal year’s (which just wrapped on June 30, 2012) research activities – which had increased 3% to a jaw-dropping $1.27 billion dollars.

“Visual Research: Scientific Facilities” © 2008 Brett Renfer CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In spite of the economic woes that are an ever-present staple in the news cycle, and decreased funding from Health and Human Services, the University of Michigan was still able to increase it’s overall volume of research through contracts with industry, increased funding from other government agencies such as NSF and NASA, but most significantly, from University-generated research, which shot up some 20%. To put these numbers in some perspective, that 3% volume increase is $37.5 million. NSF also ranked U of M first in research development funding among public universities, go blue indeed!

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