September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Walking down Huron this weekend, I noticed bright teal ribbons adorning the lightposts. Stepping closer, I saw the ribbons emblazoned with something about ovarian cancer awareness, and at least for me, the Turn the Towns Teal effort certainly resulted in increased awareness! reported the coming efforts of the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance in August, and now we can see the fruits of the community efforts, which span Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Ypsilanti, and Dexter. Teal – like breast cancer awareness’s signature pink – stands for “take early action and live,” a nod toward knowing the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer, crucial pieces of information necessary for early detection.

The National Guidelines Clearinghouse released a link of relevant guidelines for ovarian cancer awareness, available here.

Visit other organizations to learn about the symptoms of ovarian cancer:

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Ovarian cancer overview from MedlinePlus.

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