New Personalized Options for Clinical Guidelines

The option to get a personalized account with the National Guidelines Clearinghouse we mentioned earlier has launched!

Sure, it may be one more log-in and password to remember (read: write down somewhere), but by creating a profile with the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, you can access some of the new features to customize your clinical guidelines experience. It is worthwhile if you find yourself spending lots of time on the site or using many of the guidelines, since the account basically creates a history dashboard of your activity, and lets you set customizable alerts. Sign up by clicking on the “My NGC” button on the left navigation pane of

Once you’ve created an account, you will be able to see your recent searches and recently viewed guidelines – similar features if you have a MyNCBI account. Where the customization really comes into play though is when NGC allows you to select not just favorite guidelines, but also favorite organizations, and then will send you weekly  (on Mondays) updates if there is activity on those items – for example, if a guideline is updated or withdrawn.

Find out specifics on all of the custom features on the FAQ page.

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