Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): Week of July 30, 2012

The big news this week seemed to relate to the shifts in coverage related to the Affordable Care Act implementation, thus you’ll see a variety of tags related to these issues, as well as a Twitter chat held by the White House to discuss related issues. In addition, there are a number of tags on events or conversations in other countries, as well as some local Ann Arbor news; some perspectives on medical education trends and lifestyles; informatics; stigma; patient care; conversations between clinicians and researchers; and more.

#ACA = Affordable Care Act

#BlogHer12 = BlogHer 2012, the annual blogging conference for women

#BNEforum12 = Australian National Biennial Education Forum 2012

#CHCchat = Canadian Health Care Chat

#freesciencefriday = Free Science Friday

#hcr = Health Care Reform

#hic12 = Health Informatics Conference 2012, Sydney, Australia

#HIVstigma = HIV Stigma


#MedStudent = Medical Students

#PCEHR = Personalized Care Electronic Health Record

#PhxFri = A weekly Twitter chat for the Canadian Associated Medical Services Phoenix Project

#pilus = Microsoft’s Partners in Learning, US

#ptcare = Patient Care

#S4PM = Society for Participatory Medicine

#SDM = Shared Decision Making

#TXFM = Transform 2012, Mayo Clinic

#WHChat = White House Chat

#XXinHealth = XX in Health (XX standing for the double-X chromosome, therefore, women in health)

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