Open Access Biomed Images

A beta launch from the National Library of Medicine, Open-i, lets you search across the full-text collections of PubMed Central for open access images. Although only in beta, Open-i has the potential to become a very powerful information retrieval tool, since image results return not only images, but also the abstract, author affiliations, bottom line results, and the MEDLINE citation.

Figure 5: HU binds and folds single-stranded DNA, from
Kamashev D, Balandina A, Mazur AK, Arimondo PB, Rouviere-Yaniv J – Nucleic Acids Res. (2007)

Another useful feature suggests similar images based on the one you’re looking at. NLM projects initial images to number approximately 600,000 with the hope that the resource will scale to the order of millions!

To find additional open access content, check out the library’s open access research guide, profiled in an earlier post.

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