Hashtags of the Week: Week of July 23, 2012, Part 2

Part two of yesterday’s HOTW post.

#medlibs = Medical Librarians

#NCCAMchat = Weekly Twitter chat from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

#openaccess = Open Access

#opendata = Open Data

#opsafe = Operation SAFE International

#scicomms = Science Communication or Science Communicators

#SexEd = Sex Education

#SMEMchat = Weekly Twitter chat on Social Media for Emergency Management

#social4HIV = Social Media for HIV and AIDS

#spoonie = Spoonies are individuals with chronic illness, name derived from The Spoon Theory

2 thoughts on “Hashtags of the Week: Week of July 23, 2012, Part 2

  1. What is the goal of posting all the twitter hashtags on a topic on this blog? Does someone respond to them on Twitter with answers to their questions or is this just a listing of posts with #medlibs hash tags. Just curious how it works out for you guys. Always looking for ways to improve even my own blog.

    I also run a blog focused more on the general medical community. I would love to do a short interview or writeup about your current editor on my “Medical Noise” blog if you are interested and have time in the next few weeks. I would also be more than happy to add “thlibray” to my blogroll. Let me know how you want the hyperlink to be listed and I will get that up.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    (long time diabetic)
    Author of http://medicalnoise.wordpress.com
    Let’s practice love, acceptance, & forgiveness

    1. Hi, Jason, Interesting question.

      This is far, far, far from all the Twitter hashtags on any topic, and likewise is one a couple example tweets from each hashtag. There are thousands of hashtags, even just in healthcare. For a hashtag that is part of a major event like a conference or a regular Twitter Chat, a single hashtag can have hundreds or thousands of tweets in a single day.

      The #medlibs hashtag is only one, and is used for conversation between, among, and about medical librarians and health sciences librarianship. We have a regular chat on Thursday evenings, at 9pm Eastern Time. In this blogpost, there were ten highlighted hashtags — #medlibs, #NCCAMchat, #openaccess, #opendata, #opsafe, #scicomm, #sexed, #smemchat, #social4HIV, and #spoonie.

      Why am I doing these Hashtag of the Week (HOTW) posts? We are a health sciences library that serves several different schools and programs in healthcare, as well as the hospitals and clinics. For me, personally, I find Twitter an enormously useful and productive professional tool, for current awareness, communication, community building and engagement, learning, collaboration, and much more. There are two main reasons for doing these posts. (1) To selectively share some of what I am seeing and learning with others who might not be using Twitter; and (2) to illustrate in a real world way some of the range and diversity of useful content being shared on Twitter, in hopes of perhaps intriguing others enough to explore or to at least consider Twitter as a potential useful tool.

      I hope this answers that part of your question. For the other part, I will defer to your blog managers. Thanks for a great question, and for letting me know about your very interesting blog.

      – PF (Patricia) Anderson

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