Google Power Searcher Online Course

Tomorrow (July 10, 2012) Google launches an online seminar, Power Searching with Google. Billed as “a short course on becoming a great internet searcher,” this massive open online course (or MOOC, a la Stanford/UM fame with Coursera) promises to give you the “many more tips, tricks and tactics you can use to find exactly what you’re looking for, when you most need it“.

“Physics of Light and Shadow” © Dennis Wilkinson 2012 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The course consists of six 50 minute modules, and after passing a few “assessments” you can get a certificate of completion, though I’m betting that the time saved with more effective searching will be reward enough.

Registration lasts until July 16th, but Google recommends you sign up (via the course site, linked below) prior to the release of  the first module tomorrow. The course will run through July 23rd.

Visit (and register through) the course site, or read the official Google blog announcement.

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