Hashtags of the Week: Week of July 2, 2012

Each week I hunt for relevant hashtags and online conversations, and then download or archive portions of these that are interesting to me. In this trial post, I’ve selected hashtags that caught my interest this week. I’ll provide a very brief description of the hashtag, and an example tweet. See what you think.

#amc2012 = Allied Media Conference 2012, Detroit

#askTEDMED = Ask TEDMED, open conversation on the future of medicine, with Jay Walker, curator and host of TEDMED

#bigdata – Big Data, major research trend

#bigsociety = Big Society, the idea of collaboration & transparency across all aspects of culture & society

#citsci = Citizen Science

#doctors20 = Doctors 2.0 Conference in Paris

#eol = End of Life

#EOLchat = End of Life Chat

#fpsummit = Family Planning Summit

#icem2012 = International Conference on Emergency Medicine, 2012

#sciencelive = Science Live, Conversation with Ivan Oransky about Research Ethics

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