Water Safety Awareness

Rippling Water

Last week, in the United Kingdom, was Water Safety Awareness Week. You can see many of their suggestions and postings on either Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #WSAW2012. In the United States, National Water Safety Month was in May. The International Water Safety Day was May 15th.

With the upcoming 4th of July holiday, it seemed like a good time to briefly review some of the summer fun core safety concepts.

Ideas for awareness activities to do with the kids includes skits, slogans, librarians, letters, rap & (most important) the Buddy System.

MedlinePlus recommends no alcohol, lifejackets, buddy system, know CPR, know how to swim, supervise kids, and use plenty of sunscreen. Unfortunately, the MedlinePlus page doesn’t include the recommendations from the FDA to NOT use sunscreen on infants.

Here are more water safety tips for infants for around the house and around the yard, most of which boils down to the same idea of never leaving the baby unattended.

Last but not least, play it smart! Don’t horse around in ways that might injure someone, especially around water.

Grinnell, IA: Hotel Pool:

LINKS, Alphabetical:

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National Water Safety Month: http://www.nationalwatersafetymonth.com/

Seattle Childrens: Water Safety Awareness (PDF): http://www.seattlechildrens.org/pdf/water_safety_awareness.pdf

Water Safety Awareness Week: http://watersafetyawarenessweek.org.uk/

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