#mHealth: Mobile Apps & Sites

You know a trend has caught on when Mashable posts about it.

Mobile health (or #mHealth, for the Twitterati out there), whether in the form of mobile sites, apps, or technologies is becoming increasingly prevalent among both consumers and health practitioners.

Keeping up with reputable sources, however, can be a challenge. Fortunately, the National Library of Medicine has an entire gallery of mobile apps & sites for your ready reference.

Don’t forget, the Taubman Health Sciences Library also has a research guide to help you acquire the mobile tools you need. Check it out here, and contact your liaison librarian if you have any questions or technical difficulties.

A smattering of options from NLM’s gallery:


  • Tried and true classics like PubMed mobile.
  • Medline Plus Mobile for vetted consumer health resources.
  • And several apps I bet you didn’t know existed, like WISER – the Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders, to help with “critical information on hazardous substances.”

2 thoughts on “#mHealth: Mobile Apps & Sites

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