#200!! Planning a Strategic Lineup …

Planning a Strategic Lineup for the Delivery of Effective Reference Services
Erin Kerby, MSI; Nadia J. Lalla, MLIS; Deborah Lauseng, AMLS University of Michigan (UM)

You already know the librarians here are smart and creative; active in research as well as teaching; working in areas from biotechnology to educational technology, history to health literacy; presenting at conferences both as coauthors with faculty as well as our own research to improve our profession. There are several ways in which you can get a sense of what we do over time. One way is to explore our Slideshare account, which collects presentations and documents for many of our various activities over the past five years.

Slideshare: UM Taubman Health Sciences Libraries: http://www.slideshare.net/umhealthscienceslibraries/

Being active in Slideshare has given our content a much broader reach than we would receive otherwise, in many ways. One presentation was given in our classroom to 17 people from a research lab, but has gone on to now have over 20,000 views. Another, with over 45,000 views, is embedded in blogs and websites around the world, from Canada to China, Hungary to Japan, India to Israel.

Last week we reached a milestone in our Slideshare account with our 200th file in Slideshare! Our 200th upload was a poster presentation delivered at the recent Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, showing research done locally on improving processes for providing reference services, and prominently displaying the talents of Erin Kerby, one of the School of Information graduate students who works with us.

Just to give you a small glimpse of the range of materials we make available freely through our Slideshare account, take a look also at #199 (“Partners in Research: Engaging the Community in Clinical Research”) and #201 (“Instant Replay: Delivering Instruction Using Videos”). Check us out!

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