Taubman Mentors Future Librarians

The Taubman Health Sciences Libraries offers unique experiences that differ from other medical libraries across the nation.  While other libraries just hire students, Taubman mentors future librarians.  The University of Michigan, home to one of the top School of Information (SI) programs, has graduate students who wish to pursue a career in the library field and the staff at the Taubman helps them along the way.  In addition to “typical” library work, circulation, reference and other projects, SI students receive practical experience on what it is like to be a health sciences librarian—a taste of their future.  The friendly and supportive staff members allow students to ask tough questions about the library field such as job prospects or the best resources.  They offer students pointers, yet give the students the option to make their own choices.  In addition to all of this, the staff gives SI students the opportunity to work with a variety of projects and people that allows for networking with potential employers, references, and future co-workers.

Meet some of our SI students, aka librarians in training!

Irina Zeylikovich, Taubman’s University Library Associate, provides reference, crafts posters based on research, and creates online learning modules. She is also on two core teams, Medical Education and Public Health, in which she assists with the Medical School’s information curriculum instruction and holds office hours.  She aims to encompass all of her professional experience and education in a position with an organization that supports the community she lives in.

Erin Kerby, a recent graduate of SI, works as a Special Projects Administrative Assistant. During her time at the Taubman, she has gained experience in a variety of areas by providing reference, assisting with collection development and management, contributing to literature searches, and teaching sessions on citation management.  Erin’s ideal job would combine her love of information and learning with her affinity for animals (especially horses).

Mark Bremel, a second year, works closely with several staff members to develop and improve subject research guides for the Taubman library.  He teaches classes on citation management and will soon create posters and provide reference.  His future goal is to be a partner at a consulting firm, doing healthcare informatics consulting

Stacy Maat, a second year, has an interest in the digital side of libraries.  Currently, she is in Ghana instructing the staff at Balme Library on digitization as a technique for libraries to preserve their materials and collections. When she is at the Taubman she provides reference, works on subject research guides, as well as various other projects. She wants to become a  Digital Preservation Librarian, working closely with online digital libraries, after she graduates.

Nikki Potter, a recent SI graduate, works in a variety capacities within the library. She teaches workshops on NIH grants, provides reference and circulation support, works on subject research guides, YouTube videos, as well as blogs and tweets for the library.  Her future goals are to work as a reference archivist or as a women’s studies librarian or perhaps incorporate her culinary background into her work. Cupcakes anyone?

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