Expanding Open Access – the White House should be Listening

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Image courtesy of openaccessweek.org distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Open access got a huge boost last week when UCSF reported that its faculty senate had voted  unanimously to adopt an open access policy toward its research publications, making it the first public university to do so.  Last month, Harvard library told its university faculty that they were breaking the bank with digital subscriptions.

On the heels of these massive developments, there is also an ongoing petition on the White House petitions website that supports expanding the mandate for publicly funded research to be published in open access journals. Signatures on this petition demonstrate a commitment to bringing research results out from behind paywalls, much as the NIH Public Access policy has been doing since 2008.

Authored by Access2Research, the full text of the petition (a quick 2 paragraphs) show the aims of free access to articles are to harness the power of the internet and “speed the research process and increase the return on our investment in scientific research”.

The petition has until June 20th to garner 25,000 signatures, which elicits a response from the Obama administration. As of this morning the petition is up to 22,635 signatures – meaning that only a couple thousand more are needed. It’s time to rally the social networks!

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