A new tool to track the progress of the health care system

From the Health Affairs blog:

Now, thanks to a new tool launched by HHS, data about the state of the American health care system are at the fingertips of policymakers, providers and the public.  The Health System Measurement Project allows people to track the progress we are making toward providing all Americans with access to affordable, high-quality health care and toward reducing health disparities.

Gathering this information together in one place—and presenting it in a format that’s accessible and easy to navigate—not only makes data easier to understand, but it’s part of the Obama administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

The Project allows users to search for information on health care topics they’re interested in, and find regional or national-level data broken down by age, income level, and insurance coverage status. It focuses on ten critical dimensions of our health care system covering the availability, quality, and cost of care, the overall health of Americans, and the dynamism of the system. The Project also examines the evolution of these aspects of our system over time, and assesses the status of these dimensions of the system with respect to subgroups of the population, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable populations.

To read the complete post, click here.

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