UM Library’s Reference Services

Recently in the, two articles were featured about the reference services that the University of Michigan provides.  One of these articles highlighted our very own Erin Kerb. As a Special Projects Student Administrative Assistant, Erin undertakes various responsibilities and projects throughout the Taubman Health Sciences Library. Performing chat reference is just one of her many talents, and she is great at it.  In this one particular article, a journalist reflects on her experience using UM’s chat reference services, and it is Erin who happens to intercede the question. The journalist writes,

“I settled on inquiring about the annual salary of the first-ever U-M President John Monteith, who served at the helm of the University of Michigan from its founding in 1817 through 1821.

Then I went to the Ask a Librarian website and… asked a librarian…It took Erin —who by now I had dubbed my favorite librarian in all the land— less than five minutes to nail down the article for me.”

Check out the full article here and then find out what our “Ask a Librarian” reference services are all about!

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