Public health, global health, & the CDC

A paper has jsut been published in PLoS Medicine:  “The Role of Public Health Institutions in Global Health System Strengthening Efforts: The US CDC’s Perspective”.

Summary Points:

  • Health system strengthening has become a recognized priority for achieving major public health goals such as those identified by disease-specific global health initiatives for HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, malaria, childhood immunizations, and others.
  • The contribution that strengthening of public health systems makes to strengthening health systems in general has been inadequately described.
  • To guide its support of public health in low- and middle-income countries around the world, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) proposes to prioritize its investments on strengthening six key public health functions that would contribute the most towards health systems strengthening efforts as a whole and have the greatest impact on improving the public’s health.
  • In this Policy Forum article, we set out the US CDC’s perspective on the role of public health institutions in global health system strengthening efforts.

To read the complete paper, go to the PLoS Medicine website or click here for the PDF.

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