New model for medical education?

A landmark study recently published in Academic Medicine could lead the way to a new model in medical education.

From Cambridge Health Alliance:

The study, the most comprehensive of its kind, reported data from the Harvard Medical School-Cambridge Integrated Clerkship (CIC), a highly innovative model of medical education based at Harvard-affiliated health system Cambridge Health Alliance that completely restructures the students’ (and their patients’) experience of caregiving. This patient-centered redesign eliminates traditional “block rotations” in favor of students learning the core skills of doctoring by following a large panel of patients longitudinally. Students see patients through all phases of diagnosis and treatment, including hospitalizations, discharge follow-up, and even home visits. This model returns to the roots of medical education, and the study demonstrates that this wholesale restructuring makes a difference.

Researchers compared the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of students completing the CIC with those of students completing traditional block third-year clerkships and found that CIC students performed as well or better than their peers on academic and clinical measures while also expressing a stronger sense of connection with their patients. The students also had substantially higher satisfaction with their medical training.

Read the full article here: Landmark Study.

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