Online Journals Link Change

On Monday, March 26, the University Library will consolidate the two versions of its online journal finder into the existing Search Tools interface. For those of you who use the “Online Journals List” (currently linked from the library web site’s Quick Links section, in the site footer), this will mean a slight change to the look of the journal finder. Although you will notice a few minor design changes in the new Search Tools version, the content and functionality in the Search Tools version are identical.

After the consolidation, links to the old online journal tool will redirect to the new one. The link will stay in thesite’s Quick Links, as well.

If you haven’t used the Search Tools journal finder since it launched last summer, you can take a look now at:

If you have any questions about this change, please let us know through the “feedback” link in the footer of the library web site or by following this link:

2 thoughts on “Online Journals Link Change

  1. Two things. On the new journal search page, when I type in the journal name, there is an annoying flicker of the big grey box.

    Second, I cannot believe we’ve come to this, but I went to the NEJM and got this message:

    client IP is blocked because: More than 200 PDF or full text downloads in a session Blocked IPs: –

    1. Charles,
      I’ll forward your comment to the appropriate people. they’ll look into the issue with NEJM. That’s definitely not right.

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