Changes to PubMed’s Advanced Search page

You may have noticed that PubMed’s Advanced Search page changed in December to provide users with a less cluttered, more intuitive way to build searches.

If you enter a term in the search builder, it will automatically appear in the search box above. All search field boxes have dropdown menus so that you can choose from a variety of options in constructing your search. The default Boolean operator is AND, but you can also choose OR or NOT.

When your search is complete, similar categories will be displayed together, e.g., date search fields will be listed together. The MeSH Terms field also includes an autocomplete feature.

You can remove terms from the search box using the icons next to each selection, or completely clear the search box by clicking Clear.

Clicking Show index list will display an alphabetical list of all terms for a specific search field. Click a term to add it to the search box.

Click Search to run the search in PubMed. Click Add to history to add the search to history, where you can then use it in a subsequent search. The Add to history link replaces the Preview button.

In History, clicking Add next to a history search number will add a previous search to the builder and search box.

If you click Edit, you can change your final search; however, the search builder will be removed from the page. Click Cancel if you’ve changed your mind; the builder will reappear.

More Resources has been moved to the top of the page, which provides room to automatically display up to 100 searches in History.

For more information, click here.

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