Creation, Ontology, and Refusal in an Oncology Ward

Julie Livingston of Rutgers University will present a talk based on research she undertook in Botswana, in one of Africa’s few public oncology settings, to to track how cancer is created between patients and the oncologist.

“In Botswana’s central referral hospital, a lone oncologist handles all outpatient oncology, directs a 20-bed ward, and doubles as cytologist and at times radiographer.  The oncologist continually tacks back and forth between different kinds of first-hand knowledge, creating  cancer and the cancer patient in multiple registers simultaneously, rather than in a series of disconnected or abstracted parts as is the case in a larger oncology setting, with a more complex division of labor.”

  • Monday, 5 March 2012
  • 4:00–5:30 pm
  • 1014 Tisch Hall

This lecture is part of the Science, Technology, Medicine & Society Speaker Series.  For more information, go to



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