There’s an App for that?

From our friends over a the Mind the Science Gap blog (read & comment!):

From Facebook to Angry Birds, Google Maps to challenges of holding down a virtual button, applications (apps) for communication, navigation, and entertainment are downloaded daily to a phone near you. The trend of increasing access to mobile technologies, like cell phones, laptops, and tablets, is a worldwide phenomenon. This leaves us poised at the cusp of a potential emerging frontier in the practice of Public Health: mobile health (mHealth).

According to the United Nations Foundation, mHealth is “using mobile communications—such as PDAs and mobile phones—for health services and information”. Uses for mHealth include distributing health information and education, collecting data, and enabling interaction between practitioners and support systems and people using the mobile technologies. A variety of mobile tools fall under the umbrella of mHealth, including text messaging, Smartphone Apps, mobile web access, remote monitoring of vital signs (heart rate, glucose levels, etc.), motion sensors (i.e. pedometers) and global positioning (GPS).

Read the complete post here (& remember to comment).  Want more free apps? Visit the Taubman Health Sciences Library Mobile Devices Resources guide.

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